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About us

My name is Dyonne and I'm blessed with two beautiful children. Nayeli 7 years and Jidenna 1 year old.

Nayeli&JidennaJust like many moms, I had a hard time finding a doll at a reasonable price for Nayeli that really looked like her.  So I started to search on- and offline. Although it wasn't very easy, we eventually found a couple of beautiful dolls that really represented us. Soon the compliments and requests for these dolls followed by friends and family. This is how Team Curly Girly came to life.

The name Team Curly Girly actually comes from our nicknames. As different as our kinks and curls might be, we are both nicknamed Curly Girly. Together we form a team. A team that welcomes everyone to join.

I want to show everybody that it doesn't have to be hard or super expensive to find a doll that looks like our children. 



What does Team Curly Girly do?

Offer affordable brown curly afro haired dolls that are helping beautiful girls create the world where they feel empowered to be anything they want, one beautiful doll at the time.  

What will we do in the future?

Team Curly Girly is dedicated to contributing to a positive (self) image of young brown skinned girls. Anything that lies within our means that will help girls to grow into the best version of themselves. 

What are some of your values:

We believe in:

    • Our youths, our future
    • Our Diversity in Beauty
    • Our Cost effective prices
    • Our Friendliness
    • Our Successes 
    • Our Representation
    • Our Affirmation
    • Our Team of Curly Girlies